Juliet Teoh's Project Portfolio Page

Project: imPoster

imPoster is a desktop application for beginners of API development to easily grasp the basics. The application is optimised for fast typists and can be fully operated through a Command Line Interface. My contributions to the project are as listed below:

Given below are my contributions to the project.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Morphing of AddressBook:
    • Refactor Delete Command to Remove Command #90
    • Removed unneeded attributes, such as phone and email #93
    • Added new attributes to Endpoint, such as data and header #145 #162
  • Enhancements:
    • Designed logo and various mascot images for the project #77 #308
    • Fixed and wrote additional test cases for multiple attributes and commands #127 #254 #272 #277 #428 #624
    • Help fix index error messages and the formatting of command help messages #566
  • Feature: Update UI for when List is called when the Endpoint List is empty #384
    • What it does: When the Endpoint List is empty and the user types the command list, an image is displayed which allows the user to clearly know that the Endpoint List is empty
    • Justification: The user may become confused as to why there are no endpoints displayed when they input the command list, and so a picture can help them quickly understand the Endpoint List is empty
    • Highlights: Ensures that the image is only displayed when main Endpoint List is empty, and not when the filtered list is empty.

Project management

  • Created a demo API server to facilitate testing, written in python. repo here
  • Managed releases v1.3b on GitHub. release v1.3b


  • User Guide:
    • Added documentation for the features add, remove, edit, find, list, clear, help #42 #64
    • Help correct some highlighting errors and add useful tips through the user guide #447 #545 #546
  • Developer Guide:
    • Added User Stories #64
    • Updated high level architecture of the DG, including fixing the diagrams of UI and Model #325 #375 #380 #586
    • Added implementation details for Endpoint and its attributes Method, Address, Data, Headers Set, Tags Set and Response #356
    • Contributed to the formatting of the Developer’s Guide, as well as Appendix H, which are the instructions for manual testing #615